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What We Buy

At Chloe’s Closet, we pay you upfront for your gently-loved items. When sharing your items with us, you are a great support to the Chloe’s Closet community!  We will give you your choice of cash or store credit.  * All cash offers over $25 will be paid by company check. * Store credit does not expire, but it is valid towards resale items only. * You must have a reservation to bring items in to sell. *

Please give us a call at 281-665-1662 or email [email protected] and we will schedule you for the next available slot for the gender/sizes that you have. Please note that we are booked until early December for most sizes.
*We are, however, bumping up Boys 12-18 mo; 18 mo & 18-24 mo to much sooner dates.

*We are currently not scheduling:  Boys or Girls, Sizes NB-12 mo.
*For large baby items only (strollers, high chairs, pack-n-plays, jumperoos, walkers, exercausers, etc), we are currently booking in August.

Items we are currently accepting without a reservation (you may drop by unannounced):
1- Any time- Shoes
2- For a *Limited Time- Boy Sleepers/Pajamas
3- Solid color uniform polos, shorts, pants, skirts & dresses.

You may bring these listed any time/day without a reservation.  You will still need to leave them with us and we will get back with you on an offer.  Please keep in mind, when choosing to sell to us, we offer 35-40% cash or 40-45% store credit of our original price.  Our price is a fraction of the retail cost, which provides great prices for our customers; however, you are being paid for the items, regardless of if they sell or not.

The maximum is 3 average-size bins.  If you have more, we’d love for you to save them for your next drop-off. We understand holding on to clothes isn’t always convenient, so we do have some tips to help you sell more to us during your first round.   Pull out any items with stains, extra wear, etc. This allows for more space in your bins for the items that we will purchase. *If you have large items/ puffy jackets, exceptions may be made on the space they take up in the bins.

Items we do NOT buy or sell:

*items with stains, marks, holes, tears, loose threads or wear from washing/drying
*nursery bedding, including bumpers, mesh crib liners & crib teething guards
*nursery mobiles
*car seats
*infant bathtubs & infant bath slings/bathers
*crib/ bed mattresses  (we do take changing table pads)
*pregnancy/heart-rate monitors
*breast pumps, including new breast pumps
*teething necklaces
*stuffed animals or plush baby toys (unless it is an attachment on a bouncer, etc),
*pillows, pregnancy pillows  (we do take nursing pillows)
*headwraps sized larger than 24 months,
*hats sized larger than 24 months (with the exception of costumes),
*swim floats or life jackets,
*furniture (we do take changing tables, kids’ tables/chairs, small toy/book shelves),
*technology- CDs, VHS, DVDs
*recalled items

As of April 1:  To create more space for items that have proven to be more in demand, we will no longer be accepting nursery room decor/big kid room decor.

Items we DO Buy and Sell:

Clothing Styles: We purchase a wide variety of clothing. From everyday wear to dresses, suits, smocks and boutique/specialty brand outfits, we stock the store with something for everyone. Purchases will be made based on quality, brand, and our current inventory needs.

Clothing Sizes: We accept maternity, baby and children’s clothing.  Sizes range from preemie through Size 18.  We also have a small start to the expansion into a tween/teen section.  This includes adult sizes from tween/teen-driven stores.

Shoe Sizes:  Girls’ shoe sizes range from newborn-13, as well as big kid sizes 1-8. 
Boys’ shoe sizes range from newborn-13, as well as big kid sizes 1-10.
Larger size shoes must be pre-teen/teen styles.

Other Items:  We also purchase kids’ necklaces/bracelets, spirit wear, sportswear, dance & tumbling, swimwear, dress-up clothes, ski clothing, costumes, strollers, toys, children’s books, and children’s room decor, etc.

Hints!  Pre-treat any stains before you wash clothing and magic eraser works wonders on removing marks from toys and some materials for shoes.

Our Expectations:
*All toys and other items requiring batteries MUST include working batteries at drop-off. If batteries are not included or do not work, the item will NOT be accepted.
*Any assembly of toys with more than 3-4 pieces must be done before drop-off. Due to labor costs, we no longer spend time assembling toys. We will be happy to donate your unassembled items for you.

*We appreciate that you freshly wash the clothing you’d like to sell to us.
*We appreciate that you fold items nicely in a clean box or a bin that can be stacked.  If these are unavailable, formed bags are acceptable as well.  *If your clothing arrives in trash bags, they become extremely wrinkled and the condition may not appear to be as good as it actually is. This will likely lower your offer.
*We only accept clothing in like-new or very gently-used condition.  To help keep our labor costs down (keeping our prices down), we appreciate that you pull out any items with stains or extra wear prior to drop-off.
*Please pair pajama sets prior to drop off.
*If you have 2-piece sets, it is helpful for these to be paired together as well. Our customers love sets! 🙂