What We Buy

Temporary Update! (as of 10.19.2020)
What are we currently accepting any day Monday-Saturday? 

** Boys/Girls fall/winter clothing- long sleeves, pants, outerwear 
** Boys any season (in need of dri-fit/athletic clothing)
** Boys/Girls Shoes (up to size 8.5 in adult, but only kid/tween styles);
** Boys/Girls Sleepers & Pajamas
(Size Preemie-Kids 14)

LIMIT 100 items on all drop-offs.  Scroll down to see sizes and all expectations on how to prepare your drop-off.

Once you've received your offer, then you may bring in more (if we are still accepting without a reservation).  You may not have more than one transaction open with us at a time.

What about other items?  Our process has changed!
Due to the unpredictable times of 2020, we are no longer running on reservations.  Instead, we will announce at the beginning of each week if we are taking items late in the week and what the exclusions include.  See this week's below: 

Week of 10/19/2020:  

We will be accepting on these days:
Friday & Saturday (10/21-10/23),


     - Halloween costumes
     - skirts (we are still taking shorts)

     - - - we need shoes, pajamas, boys' dri-fit clothing and jackets! :) 
     - - - keep scrolling to see our policies & expectations

NO MORE THAN 100 Items- if it appears to be over 100 items, we will need to ask you to count in store.


What We Buy (aside from weekly exclusions)
– Boys Clothing, Sizes Preemie thru Kids Size 14.
- Girls Clothing, Sizes Preemie thru Kids Size 14 (we still have our Girls 16/18 and Girls Teen items if you are interested in shopping!  They are 70% off! As well as some at $1)
- Brands we consider: both everyday and boutique brands
– Jackets, swimsuits, costumes, dress-up clothes, ski wear, dance/tumbling leotards, spirit wear, select sportswear, special event dresses, and suits

 Maternity & Nursing clothes
– Shoes, sizes NB through adult 8.5. Adult sizes must be kid/tween styles.
– Toys, puzzles, children’s books, baby gear and more

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How to Prepare your Items:
– You may included up to 100 items in each reservation.
(2-Pc Pajamas, bikinis/tankinis & pairs of shoes count as 1 item/ toys that come in an original set count as 1 item/ All other 2-Pc sets count as 2 items.)      
– You may bring your items at any time during your reserved week.
– Regardless of the number of items, we will not accept bins over 18 gallons. This is for storage and safety purposes.- If you do not have bins, you may bring clean boxes or formed bags.
No trash bags will be accepted.  
- No hangers (unless you prefer to include them with special occasion dresses or formal suits. All other dresses and suit pieces will be fine lightly folded.)
– We do not accept add-ons. If you forget items or find more after you’ve dropped off, please include them in your next drop-off.
– Please wash and sort through your items before you bring them. Pre-treating stains and freshly washing goes a LONG way in what we can accept.
Do not bring items that have been stored in your attic or garage without washing them. They need to be washed again.  We speak from experience after seeing how many items we send back.
- We are very particular on the condition of the items we purchase. Kids are kids and stains happen, so we typically give quite a bit back.  Please remove all items with stains, pilling, holes, snags, loose threads that would lead to a loose hem, or any type of wear. We will not accept these and it also helps you fit more into your 100-item limit that we will purchase.
- If you have tried to sell them at JBF, Tot2Tot or a garage sale, we will not accept them with these tags still on the clothing. If you pinned your tag to the fabric rather than the seam, this causes holes and we will not be able to accept them.

– If your item requires batteries, it will not be accepted without working batteries.
- Toys and other items requiring assembly must be assembled. You may do this once in the store if needed


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We apologize that we are unable to give estimates over the phone, email or messengerIf you are in search of the best payout and have time to meet others for pick-up, etc, please try other selling methods before bringing us your items.  If you have a large item difficult to bring in and you’d like to ask if we would consider it, you may send pictures of the items, as well as pictures of flaws.  We can at least tell you if we’d consider making an offer, but we will still need to see it in person. Thank you for your understanding.

Please watch this website or our Facebook page for new updates.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Items we do NOT buy or sell:

*men/women’s clothing
*recalled items
*inclined sleepers, due to recalls
*items with stains, marks, holes, tears, loose threads or wear from washing/drying
*car seats
*nursery bedding, including bumpers, mesh crib liners & crib teething guards
*nursery mobiles
*baby bottles or toddler cups
*room decor (*this may change, stay tuned)
*bumbos without straps (bumbos without straps were recalled)
*infant bathtubs & infant bath slings/bathers
*crib/ bed mattresses  (we do take changing table pads)
*pregnancy/heart-rate monitors
*breast pumps, including new breast pumps
*baby monitors that include movement sensors
*teething necklaces
*stuffed animals or plush baby toys (unless it is an attachment on a bouncer, etc),
*we will now consider some plush items but are very selective
*pillows, pregnancy pillows  (we do take nursing pillows)
*headwraps sized larger than 24 months
*hats sized larger than 24 mo (with the exception of costumes),
*swim floats or life jackets,
*furniture (we do take changing tables, kids’ tables/chairs, small toy/book shelves),
*technology- CDs, VHS, DVDs

* * * * * * * * * * *

Hint!  Pre-treat any stains before you wash clothing and magic eraser works wonders on removing marks from toys and some materials for shoes!

Our Expectations:
*All toys and other items requiring batteries MUST include working batteries at drop-off. If batteries are not included or do not work, the item will NOT be accepted.
*Any assembly of toys with more than 3-4 pieces must be done before drop-off. Due to labor costs, we no longer spend time assembling toys.

*We appreciate that you freshly wash the clothing you’d like to sell to us.
*We appreciate that you fold items nicely in a clean box or a bin that can be stacked.  If these are unavailable, formed bags are acceptable as well.  *If your clothing arrives in trash bags, they become extremely wrinkled and the condition may not appear to be as good as it actually is. This will likely lower your offer.
*We only accept clothing in like-new or very gently-used condition.  To help keep our labor costs down (keeping our prices down), we appreciate that you pull out any items with stains or extra wear prior to drop-off.
*Please pair pajama sets prior to drop off.
*If you have 2-piece sets, it is helpful for these to be paired together as well. Our customers love sets! 🙂


What is the payout?  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

At Chloe’s Closet, we pay you upfront for your gently-loved items.  If a reservation is required for your items (see above), you will have a one-week period that you may bring your items in at your convenience.  You will leave your items with us to be reviewed and priced. We will offer you your choice of cash or store credit.  * All cash offers over $25 will be paid by company check. * Store credit is the now the same percentage as the cash offer, but it does not expire and can now be used towards used OR new items. It makes for an easy trade! :)

Payouts are tiered percentages, based on several factors. This will range from 30%-45%. You are paid on your items before they go on the rack, before any discounts and even if they do not sell. The items at the lower percentage payout will include items such as baby onesies, Walmart or some Target brands, etc.  The items at the higher percentages include items such as select shoes, select boutique, higher-end brands, select large baby items and gender/sizes/styles we are in most need of.  Most drop-offs are paid at the 35% tier.

Keep in mind there are many ways to sell your items. We are a locally-owned, family-owned business and when sharing your items with us, you are a great support to the local Chloe’s Closet community and an encouragement to the continuation of face-to-face interaction.  We appreciate you!!

However, if you are in search of a way to sell your items at a price close to what you paid, we are not the solution for you.  We aim to put as much money back out into the community as possible, but we also have amazing prices for our customers. This means sellers receive a fraction of that lower-than-retail price.  For an idea of who we are and what you are supporting, we’d love for you to come visit. If you would like to know how much you might be paid for your items, we highly recommend you do come by and take a look at our prices.

For further questions, please give us a call at 281.665.1662. 

If you have read this far, thank you!  We look forward to doing business with you!